Anti-Erasure! Let’s Talk About It!

Hi! We’re Brasskill - a ragtag band of people in and around Hudson, NY who find joy in making music together and blowing the lids off spaces where people are gathering. We like to play up-tempo songs that give off big energy and get people moving and dancing. When deciding if we want to learn/perform a song, street danceability is always a big factor. That is to say, much of the music that we find the most celebratory, joyful, magical, and inspiring is created by Black, African American, African, Caribbean, Latinx, Balkan and Romani diaspora artists. Musical Genres born to this Earth by BIPOC peoples.

As part of our purpose in celebrating humanity, Brasskill is using our collective breath to circulate air around the names of the people who create the music we love...and to name the love we feel when we play this music!

To start, we are acknowledging and celebrating the legacy of American Street Brass Music and contributing to its continuation. We’re talking about the non-militaristic, life-affirming, processional music from the people and place of New Orleans. Brasskill gives 5% of each gig payout to community-focused music and culture organizations of New Orleans. Check them out, and make a direct donation yourself:

Are you organizing a New York community through music and culture? We’d love to hear about how we can support you, too!

It is also important to us that we do the work of talking about whose music we play so that we are not contributing to the pervasive erasure of their beautiful roots. And so, to give credit to brilliant artists and musicians...To amplify the voices and stories around their music...To celebrate those who inspire us... Coming soon we will have an A-Z list of the songs we play. The links will include source recordings, and you can read a little bit about the originating artists and their song inspiration.  Stay tuned.